About Us


We are founded on the philosophy that all children on the autism spectrum should have the tools they need to reach their very fullest potential.  

At ABA Autism Therapy, we are dedicated fully to providing evidence-based, comprehensive and passionate ABA therapy to the children and families we serve.

Our Team

Our team of professionals is comprised of behaviorists trained in Applied Behavior Analysis therapy strategies (“ABA therapy”).  The team provides individualized treatment plans and behavior intervention goals in support of the children and families we serve.  

We provide ABA therapy sessions in the home and community-based centers, including daycare/preschools and after-school programs.

About Us ABA Autism Therapy For Children On the Spectrum
ABA Autism Therapy offers professional services.
About Us ABA Autism Therapy

Our Mission

Here at ABA Autism Therapy, our mission is to serve children on the autism spectrum and help them and their families navigate the unique challenges they face.  We partner with our families in helping their child achieve milestones and success throughout their therapy and beyond.

Our Service Areas

ABA Autism Therapy serves children on the autism spectrum and their families in the following areas in Pennsylvania:

Montgomery County; Chester County; Delaware County; Bucks County; Allegheny County; Westmoreland County; Washington County; Beaver County; Butler County; Armstrong County.