LEGO announces an inclusive play initiative for autistic children

LEGO has announced that it is co-sponsoring a new program with Play Included to promote an inclusive, play-oriented initiative for children on the autism spectrum.

As described in Forbes:

“The LEGO Foundation and Play Included are partnering based on a shared ambition to empower all children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners and remove barriers while building confidence and self-esteem. “

Per Forbes, LEFO is working with Play Included to incorporate the use of LEGO toy products to promote creative, inclusive approaches to ABA therapy. The use of LEGO products by Play Included – which specializes in assisting ABA therapy practitioners by promoting creative approaches to behavior intervention strategies — opens up new possibilities in the continuing effort to create a more inclusive learning environment for children on the autism spectrum.

We applaud LEGO and Play Included’s joint effort to improve the lives and experiences of autistic children and in a fun, innovative way!

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